[buug] LaTeX Font issues

Joseph Zitt jzitt at josephzitt.com
Sat May 21 12:42:33 PDT 2011

I'm dealing with a large (but, I think, relatively simple) LaTeX
document. When I generate PDF with pdflatex and use pdffonts against
it, I get the following output:

KAFZAE+CharterBT-Bold                Type 1            yes yes no       4  0
YZIHQV+CharterBT-Italic              Type 1            yes yes no       5  0
[none]                               Type 3            yes no  no      13  0
[none]                               Type 3            yes no  no      14  0
YJRZQT+CharterBT-Roman               Type 1            yes yes no      15  0
ZPGLFL+SFSS1000                      Type 1            yes yes no      19  0
YKGNBT+CharterBT-Roman-Slant_167     Type 1            yes yes no      33  0
[none]                               Type 3            yes no  no      49  0
KTWLZF+SFTT1000                      Type 1            yes yes no     731  0

When I then verify it with Adobe Acrobat Pro (required by my
publisher), It reports that I have four Type 3 fonts, ostensibly named
F23, F24, F49 and F50, which are used but not embedded. The publisher
requires that all fonts (even the Base 14 fonts often skipped) must be

Is there a way to find out what the mystery Type 3 fonts are, and how
to make sure that they are embedded?

Joseph Zitt ::http://www.josephzitt.com

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