[buug] UTC, or not to UTC (Unix/Linux/BSD/etc. system default "local" system time)

Nick Moffitt nick at zork.net
Thu Jan 19 02:44:45 PST 2012

Michael Paoli:
> Pros:
> o general reduction in ambiguity and confusion - e.g. timezone of
>   PST8PDT / US/Pacific - log indicates Sun Nov  6 01:30 or 1:30 AM ...
>   was that PDT or PST ? - as both occurred.

Don't forget that with UTC you're guaranteed a 24 hour day.  This means
that you won't wonder over the 4% anomalies in statistics on the DST
switchover days.  A 23 hour or 25 hour day will make it hard to compare
apples to apples in your data.

"Ill-informed qmail-bashing is better than no
qmail-bashing at all."
        --Don Marti

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