[buug] [DON'T REPLY-ALL] calendar & Ubuntu Hour Berkeley - new days/times/locations

Michael Paoli Michael.Paoli at cal.berkeley.edu
Sat Jun 1 09:02:11 PDT 2013

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calendar & Ubuntu Hour Berkeley - new days/times/locations

The Google calendar:
has been consolidated onto the Google calendar:
SF Bay Area Open Source/Linux Events
For those specifically looking for BerkeleyLUG or Berkeley events,
just search the above for BerkeleyLUG or Berkeley, respectively, for
those events or for events in or related to Berkeley.
I also reviewed and updated/corrected/clarified (and in some cases
simplified) listings moved to that calendar (e.g. San Francisco Android
User Group (sfandroid) (now?) meets last Tuesday, rather than 4th
Tuesday of the month).
Note that there are also other such San Francisco Bay Area Linux and/or
Open Source related calendars, and lists, see, e.g.:

Ubuntu Hour Berkeley - new days/times/locations:
And, one might notice that has moderate overlap with:
Berkeley Unix User Group (BUUG) http://www.buug.org/
Berkeley Linux Users Group (BerkeleyLUG) http://www.berkeleylug.com/
as BUUG meets a total of 8 hours per 2 months, and
BerkeleyLUG 12 hours per 2 months,
that will have Ubuntu Hour Berkeley (1 hour per month)
colocated with BUUG 1/8 of the BUUG time,
colocated with BerkeleyLUG 1/12 of the BerkeleyLUG meeting time.
Anyway, I don't think BUUG or BerkeleyLUG will mind at all,
and will give Ubuntu Hour Berkeley folks a place to go (and they
can always spend more time at BUUG and/or BerkeleyLUG if they wish).
And, for BUUG and/or BerkeleyLUG folks, that might want some more
Ubuntu time or to meet some more Ubuntu oriented folks, it provides a
specific time within where Ubuntu folks are quite specifically invited
and encouraged to attend (not that they're discouraged at any other
time, but if one is looking for a specific hour per month, rather than
4 or 6, there is also that).

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