[buug] Sought: A dog simple image viewer

Ian Zimmerman itz at buug.org
Fri Dec 12 21:55:37 PST 2014

As a part of a funny personal workflow I got used to (do not ask about
details :), I display an image in a window as a sort of warning to
myself, or poor man's notification, or something like that.  When the
condition stops, I close the window (by clicking its close button, from
its window manager menu, or by similar means) and the little script from
which the image is shown knows I am done and cleans up.

This protocol works mostly fine; as I've said, I am very used to it and
I don't want to change it in any major way.  As the program for showing
the image I currently use "display", also known as "gm display", from
the graphicsmagick suite.  But this program has a minor problem: it has
features, in particular keybindings, so if it is focussed accidentally [1]
and I don't notice, it does weird things, opening new windows and what

So, I am looking for a wholly featureless image viewer.  One that just
displays the image in its natural size in a window and stays inert
afterwards, not reacting to any keyboard input.  So far, I've not found
one: geeqie, qiv, pqiv, sxiv, you name it it has keyboard bindings :-(
Thus, this message to the all knowing buug.

[1] I configure my WM to not focus it when it pops up, but it can be
focussed by accident later if I cycle focus and stop at the wrong
window.  I can't completely stop it from getting focus because I still
want to be able to kill it by keyboard when done.

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