[buug] Yes, BUUG continues to meet, ... books/publications, CDs/DVDs/ISOs

Michael Paoli Michael.Paoli at cal.berkeley.edu
Thu Aug 6 09:05:40 PDT 2015

Yes, BUUG continues to meet ... and again today :-)

I'll be there, and per semi-usual, I'll have some books/publications:
and CDs/DVDs/ISOs with me:

Want to increase your odds of getting that which you may be interested in?
Mention to the list, in advance (preferably 24 hours in advance or somewhat
more), then it's more likely I'll bring the item(s) one is interested in,
and you may get such.  I don't always bring everything with me, and also
if I know sufficiently in advance, I may copy/"burn" something to
CD-R[w]/DVD+-R[W], USB flash, etc.  May sometimes even be able to download
and add (or update) something to the collection.

And of course we can, and typically do, discuss various interesting and
random things in the realms of Unix/Linux/BSD, computer technology, much etc.

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