[buug] Today's meeting - we may be in front section of restaurant/cafe

Michael Paoli Michael.Paoli at cal.berkeley.edu
Sat Jun 3 04:42:06 PDT 2017

Uhm, ... yeah, ...

TLDR: was rather so-so, not likely to (oft) repeat.

Bit longer version:

Well, yes, students were mostly away, but ...

Warior's game, *big* TV, volume up high, etc., so ...
it was rather annoying ... I got a spot (it was relatively
crowded up front - somethin' about some video involvin'
people and a ball or whatever, and lots of noise).

So ... I managed to get a table for 2 that had power and about
zilch view of that big non-interactive video display thingy (why
folks yell and scream at it when it doesn't even react ... whatever).
So that was bit before 7pm, ... snagged 2nd person around 7pm, and
a 3rd person (grabbed a chair from another table) not all that much
after that.

Then more folks showed up - and the person who specifically requested
AC power for their laptop(s) still hadn't shown up ... so we relocated
to the (regular) middle section ... plenty of space for ... we actually
got up to a total of 8 people (okay, so maybe 3 of which came as total
of +3 accompanying other persons to the meeting - but we did all sit
together in any case).  Anyway, some bit after we were settled there,
person that wanted AC power for their laptops showed up.  The laptops
had semi-reasonable battery capacity and charge - so worked on 'em for
a while without AC power.

Sometime close to 9pm we were down to just
the two of us remaining ... so relocated to a 2-person table that had
AC power (the big non-interactive video thing had been sileneced, and
the crowds also thinned by then) - and worked further on the laptop stuff
for some fairish bit longer.

I think "next time", person(s) making the special requests can do more
of the work ... like show up on time and carve out sufficient space for
at least our typical meeting sizes.  And if we don't fit there ... well,
then we relocate to where we do.  Also, blaring sound up front is best
avoided - I could barely hear what the folks that last arrived before
we relocated were saying ... much more reasonable once we moved ...
and then also had seating for the >= 4th persons to join the meeting.
*Maybe* up front would work better some other time, ... but ...
probably mostly not.

> From: "Ian Zimmerman" <itz at primate.net>
> Subject: Re: [buug] Today's meeting - we may be in front section of  
> restaurant/cafe
> Date: Thu, 1 Jun 2017 22:30:45 -0700

> On 2017-06-01 09:59, Michael Paoli wrote:
>> For today's Berkeley Unix User Group (BUUG) meeting, we may be in the
>> front section of the restaurant/cafe.  Someone's bringing in laptop(s)
>> that may require AC power and wants to do some installation /
>> troubleshooting requested such, and ... this time of year, with a
>> bunch of Cal students gone, it may be relatively feasible to fairly
>> easily get space for all of us attending in the front section - we'll
>> see how it goes.
> Curious - how has this worked out?

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