[buug] BALUG: Tu 2020-03-17 meeting CANCELLED (COVID-19)!; & other BALUG News

Michael Paoli Michael.Paoli at cal.berkeley.edu
Sun Mar 15 20:26:49 PDT 2020

BALUG: Tu 2020-03-17 meeting CANCELLED (COVID-19)!; & other BALUG News


items, details further below:
BALUG: Tu 2020-03-17 meeting CANCELLED (COVID-19)!
COVID-19 - what you can do
giveaways (& wanted), hardware, CDs/DVDs, books/publications, ...
help BALUG! :-) - volunteering, venue, ...
Twitter https://twitter.com/#!/BALUG_org


BALUG: Tu 2020-03-17 meeting CANCELLED (COVID-19)!

Due to COVID-19 concerns and prudent actions, etc.
The BALUG Tu 2020-03-17 meeting has been CANCELLED!

Watch the announcements and web site for updates.
The meeting dates are still out there if one wants to leave them
penciled in on one's calendars, but meetings remain cancellend (at least
for in-person) until it's reasonably prudent to resume regular in-person


COVID-19 - what you can do

In addition to relevant precautions/actions to not catch/spread ...

Some compute projects are working on COVID-19:
BOINC Rosetta at home[1]
Folding at home[2]
1. https://boinc.bakerlab.org/rosetta/forum_thread.php?id=13533#91772
2. https://foldingathome.org/

There may also be opportunties to usefully assist - remote, locally,
donate relevant resources, etc.
Some list(s) may also discuss releant topics and provide useful


giveaways (& wanted), hardware, CDs/DVDs, books/publications, ...

We typically have various giveaway items at BALUG meetings.  We'll
likely have at least the below plus additional items.

CDs/DVDs/ISOs, etc. - have a look here:
Donations of blank or +-RW media, USB flash, or funding thereof,
also appreciated.  See the above URL for details (and the inventory
(qty.) of what we specifically have "burned" and available on-hand does
also frequently change).

Hardware, etc. wanted/offered!
Got some (computer, etc.) hardware, etc. you're looking to give
away or acquire (or if not free, well below current fair market value),
and locally?  We have a wiki page to list that - so ... see what's
offered, wanted, etc.!

Books and other titles!
have a peek here:


help BALUG! :-) - volunteering, venue ...

You can do useful and cool stuff volunteering to help BALUG.

Quite a variety of opportunities to help BALUG.  Come talk to us at a
meeting and/or drop us a note at: balug-contact at balug.org
These opportunities may include, among other possibilities:
o assist or lead on speaker coordination/procurement, etc.
o venue arrangement (e.g. followup on potential leads,
   on-site coordination/preparations)
o chief/assistant cat herder
o assist on publicity
o Linux Systems Administration (e.g. do/assist/learn, with/under some
     quite experienced and skilled Linux systems administrator(s)).
o webmaster, assistant webmaster, designer, graphic artist
o archivist/history/retrieval/etc.
o and other various/miscellaneous tasks BALUG would like to be doing
     (also feel free to suggest ideas!)


Twitter - you can also follow BALUG on Twitter:


Feedback on our publicity/announcements (e.g. contacts or lists where we
should get our information out that we're not presently reaching, or
things we should do differently): publicity-feedback at balug.org

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