[buug] eth0 trouble boot up

Jon McClintock jammer at weak.org
Thu Apr 6 10:09:00 PDT 2000

Hello Luis, and welcome to our group.

What kind of ethernet card do you have? Does it print any messages when
it halts?

What other hardware do you have in your computer?


On Thu, Apr 06, 2000 at 10:12:05AM -0700, Luis wrote:
> 	Hello I just joined your new group. I was wondering if anyone could help 
> me with a problem that i'm running into. This is what i did, i loaded red 
> hat 6.0 on my box. Then when i got the upgrade for red hat 6.1 i loaded it. 
> Well after the installation was done with 6.1 i rebooted. When it started 
> to reboot , everything was going well until it reached the interface lo it 
> passed , but right when it brought up the interface eth0 it just froze. How 
> can i fix this problem and what do I have to chance. They tell me that i 
> have to look at the modual , plus i don't know what i have to look for.
> if anyone could help me out it would be really good.
> Thank you
> Luis
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