[buug] Great Links re. Internet/Linux Security

Zeke Krahlin zk_lists at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 7 01:08:16 PDT 2000

--- Nicolai Rosen <nick at netaxs.com> wrote:
> I don't live in California, I'm not in college life, and I hardly need
> your tutoring. I unlike you however feel a moral obligation to help
> others rather than merely berating them so while I found you amusing 
> before, now you're just getting on my nerves. 

You both strike me as being Linux wizards...though with certain strong
differences in ideology. I think that when one holds valuable knowledge in
a major student region, and touches upon that community often...one does
get drained by all the spoiled people who expect all solutions to be
handed on a silver platter. As a result, many experts get sensitized to
these situations, and are quick to deflect anyone who seems to be
approaching them in such a manner. In some cases, they jump the gun; and I
think Rick did so in your case.

> For Zeke, don't take anybody's word as gospel. Rick's wrong about 
> security. He doesn't "get" it. 

As I said, there may be an ideological clash--albeit minor--between
yourself and Rick. I have great respect for hard-working minds that
acquire the excellent knowledge it takes to be Linux/Unix wizards. Don't
mistake my respect for taking what any expert says as the final truth,
including when it comes from Rick. I have much respect for what he says,
and for what you say, too. And sometimes, people clash, even among wizards
(or especially).

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