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Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Thu Aug 17 23:05:56 PDT 2000

begin physic quotation:

> I have a laptop I cant get fips to work on.  First, I can't get the
> Win98 defragmenter to move some files at the end of the drive, even
> though they are marked as movable.

Then, you can't expect fips to work, until you fix that.

> Does anyone have any ideas how I can overcome this problem, so I can
> get Linux on my laptop?

Sure.  Make sure you possess or acquire the ability to re-install your 
Microsoft OS and applications.  Put your laptop on a friendly person's
LAN.  (If necessary, borrow a PCMCIA ethernet card.)  Copy your data
files and configuration files across the LAN to a different machine
for safekeeping.  Blow away the contents of your laptop's hard drive.
Create a smaller FAT partition, using an MS-DOS/Win8x floppy or bootable
Win98 CD-ROM.  Reinstall MS Windows 98.  Reinstall your applications.
Copy your data and configuration files back across the LAN.  Later, at 
your leisure, install a Linux distribution.


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