[buug] Our Web Site will soon be up.

Zeke Krahlin ezekielk at iname.com
Mon Jan 17 00:14:31 PST 2000

Hello, all. Please take a moment to check out our new home page...it's 
presently bare bones. As soon as Jon McClintock announces our URL, you can 
take a look-see.

By Tuesday, I will add a bunch of Unix-type resource links. Any suggestions 
as to what you'd like our site to look like, to provide? I am presently 
the webmaster, but am looking, eventually, for one or two (or several) to 
take over this aspect of BUUG. Any takers right now? Oh, well, we're 
barely out of the zygote stage of our development; it's too soon to expect 
so much.

Also looking for an artistic person who'd enjoy decorating our site with 
some pretty graphics. Anyone interested: we can collaborate in bringing it 
together. Anyone have an exquisite snapshot of a sunset over the Berkeley 
Marina? I'd love to scan it, and use it as a header for the home page. 
Any other Berkeley-type photos that may look great on our site? Bring 'em 
to our meeing. TIA

Under the likely circumstance that in this early stage, we will have *no 
others building this site, I will gladly develop the site on my own...so it 
will look very eye-fetching and be asked out on a lot of cyber-dates. 
Please don't go by first impressions; s/he's a late bloomer.

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