[buug] FWD: CoffeeNet to Close Today (fwd)

Zeke Krahlin ezekielk at iname.com
Sun Jan 30 16:37:14 PST 2000

Hi Christopher Sullivan, you wrote on 1/30/2000 9:50:33 AM:

>CoffeeNet was one of two sources of Internet access when I moved up here
>eight months ago looking for work, and was (essentially) a transient.
>CoffeeNet was a unique place, and it will be sorely missed.

Wow...glad you got to enjoy that remarkable place before it shut down. I 
knew Richard Couture, back in the early days when he set up and ran 
SFPCUG...a truly excellent board. Apparantly, Richard has been diligently 
educating the masses re. computers/internet for many years now.

>Wish I would have recieved this earlier: it would have been nice to stop
>by for old times sake.  I hope they get a new location soon...

I hope so too...because, foolishly, I have *not ever gotten around to 
visiting CoffeeNet. Like so many other things where I keep saying to 
myself: "Gee, I oughtta check this out!"

Thanks for the news item...I would not have known of CoffeeNet's demise 
otherwise (at least, not for a long time).

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