[buug] Web page update

Zeke Krahlin ezekielk at iname.com
Sun Jan 30 16:16:23 PST 2000


Jon, I have updated our web site to include maps, schedule, descriptions, 
and calendars...as well as other good stuff in "resources". I will add a 
nice background, and other dressing-up next week. You (and anyone else) can 
preview the update from our mirror site at:


And you can download all updated files from:


You can remove file "about.htm", as it is no longer part of the site.

Due to the need to get the improved basics up and running pronto, I am 
breaking our agreement for this instance...which agreement is that updates 
will be ready each Thursday, with no intermediate ones between-times.  

Also: I have opened a "BUUG files archive" page (linked from our home page) 
at a free, 50-MB web host, at:


We can always move the file archive location to another server, if this 
seems a better idea.


I need more links to non-Linux Unix-type resources...as well as "On-line 
discussion" links other than newsgroups (e-mail lists and message boards). 
So, does anyone know of useful Unix-related list servers and message boards 
out there on the 'net?

As for adding more local groups to our resources page, I was going to do 
that, simply by lifting some from Rick Moen's excellent site. However, that 
site is temporarily down. TO RICK: would you like your resource page to 
have a new home on our BUUG site? (Or can I mirror it on our site?) If 
so, please e-mail me the html file(s).

And for archives: well, nothing is listed on our new file archives page 
yet...so please recommend good documents, faq's, and utilities that will 
make for a valuable collection.

TIA all...that was a great meeting last Thursday; just a sample of all the 
good times and Unix schmoozing we can look forward to, as we grow and 
diversify. Definitely, a quality-not-quantity kind of crowd. And special 
to wizards both present and future, for their patience in assisting newbies.

Toll-free voice/fax mailbox (USA only):
1-888-830-5746 (ext. 8275)
ICQ#: 8485235

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