[buug] Web page update

Zeke Krahlin ezekielk at iname.com
Mon Jan 31 13:00:43 PST 2000

Hi Rick Moen, you wrote on 1/31/2000 9:47:44 AM:

> TO RICK: would you like your resource page to have a new home on our
> BUUG site? (Or can I mirror it on our site?) If so, please e-mail me
> the html file(s).
>You're welcome to mirror them.  Just grab the HTML files right off the 

Oh, I only offered that because I thought your web site was down 
permanenty, having something to do with using the same server that 
now-defunct (but hopefully to be reborn) CoffeeNet used. I thought this, 
because your site was inaccessible all yesterday evening...and you had a 
similar problem a day or two before.

But today, it's up and A-OK...so I'll just link to your calender, instead 
of copyng it. 

Thanks for you suggestion on improving the BUGG site...you'll see the 

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