[buug] buug-pr mailing list?

Zeke Krahlin ezekielk at netzero.net
Tue May 16 14:03:29 PDT 2000

Rick Moen wrote:

> It's probably sufficient to (1) block non-subscriber posts, (2) post
> a policy saying job announcements / press releases must be posted
> via an officer if at all, and (3) lock out with derisive laughter
> anyone who ignores that policy.
> I suspect that point #1 is the main problem, at present.

Hi, Rick! These spammers are most likely harvesting addresses from Linux group
lists, in the "who to contact" links. For example, we are on the "linuxjournal"
list at:


I have not noticed any spam going to our regular mailing list, since I changed
the "mailto:" link to a web form. The "buug-admin" address is considered the
"officer" address, AFAIK. One solution, then, is to have Jon take on a little
more work in maintaining a spam-free administration list. This may or may not
be fair, or even possible...considering his busy schedule.

Suggested solution: create another address for the administrators (us), and let
the original address be routed to just one person, who will separate spam from
any relevant mail. I will be glad to take this on...in which case, Jon would
have to set up an automatic "forward" to me. I can even place all mail received
through "buug-admin" onto a web page, per Feedle's suggestion.

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