[buug] CODE FOR THE REVOLUTION: indybay.org needs a little help

Dan handyman at california.com
Wed Oct 11 17:38:35 PDT 2000

Hi gang,

I've been to a couple of the buug meetings and was hoping to find one last
Thursday, but didn't find anyone at the cafe, so I'm writing this email.

Indybay.org (http://www.indybay.org) the San Francisco Area Independent Media
Center (IMC),  needs a little nelp from a bsd unix programmer familiar with
multimedia set up on a server.

A bit of background.  The IMC movement began in Seattle to cover the WTO
meetings and protests last November.  It is part of a global grassroots
movement to challenge corporate.  In less then a year more than 25 have sprung
up around the world, generally just in time for an event of international

In the Bay Area this event was the National Association of Broadcasters was the
event.  While our has been functional since March, it was down to the wire to
get new features up and running.

We are hosted by Transbay.  Our volunteer programmers and Eric of Transbay have
done tremondous job with getting our site up, but a few details hang out.

	1.  Darwin, the public domain Quciktime  server  has been  installed on
	Transbay, but it's not  available  as one of the options  on the 
	indybay web site. 

	2.  We have a great public access "publish" page for putting up text,
	pictures,  audio and video, but are limited to a 2 MB file size, even
	though  our intent was (and our site says) 100MB.  The php config 
	file on the server needs to be editied.

	3.  We need to sort out the best way to create and put up "RealPlayer"
	streaming video.  The free Real Server (for up to 25 streams) is
	installed on Transbay and various versions of media cleaner and 
	real producer are being used to create files.  The question is, how 
	best to use Surestream and/or single stream to get the best video for
	56k and under while maintaing a small file size.

Seems like this doesn't need to take a lot of time.  My quess is two hours max.
 Meeting onsite at Transbay seems like it would be the most informative for all
who can make it, especially indymedia.org folks.

Please let me know if someone can help.


Dan Mattson

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