[buug] CODE FOR THE REVOLUTION: indybay.org needs a little help

Jon McClintock jammer at weak.org
Thu Oct 12 11:52:19 PDT 2000

Hi Dan,

On Wed, Oct 11, 2000 at 05:38:35PM -0700, Dan wrote:
> I've been to a couple of the buug meetings and was hoping to find one last
> Thursday, but didn't find anyone at the cafe, so I'm writing this email.

Sorry we weren't there, we showed up at 7, waited until 7:45, and left when 
no one showed up...

> Indybay.org (http://www.indybay.org) the San Francisco Area Independent Media
> Center (IMC),  needs a little nelp from a bsd unix programmer familiar with
> multimedia set up on a server.

I can probably help with #2, but I don't have any experience setting up 
multimedia servers, so I wouldn't be much help with #1 or #3. Maybe
someone else can offer a hand?


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