[buug] CODE FOR THE REVOLUTION: indybay.org needs a little help

Feedlebom feedle at feedle.net
Thu Oct 12 14:58:44 PDT 2000

On Wed, 11 Oct 2000, Dan wrote:

> I've been to a couple of the buug meetings and was hoping to find one last
> Thursday, but didn't find anyone at the cafe, so I'm writing this email.

We were there for about 45 minutes, and left when nobody showed up.

If you come tonight, look for a fat guy wearing a "got root?" t-shirt.

> 	3.  We need to sort out the best way to create and put up "RealPlayer"
> 	streaming video.  The free Real Server (for up to 25 streams) is
> 	installed on Transbay and various versions of media cleaner and 
> 	real producer are being used to create files.  The question is, how 
> 	best to use Surestream and/or single stream to get the best video for
> 	56k and under while maintaing a small file size.

I would shy away from using RealMedia technology.  Their use of various
technologies to "track" users seems to be the exact sort of thing that the
IMC should be fighting, not encouraging and "supporting."  

QuickTime supports streaming.  It would seem to me that you'd be better
off migrating your Real content over to QuickTime, and producing all
future content in QT.  

I am not aware of any open-source video streaming software that's widely
supported, but I'm sure Rick will chime in if there is one and I've
forgotten it.


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