[buug] DSL in the East Bay

Lilly S. lilly at shellyeah.org
Sat Oct 21 10:19:09 PDT 2000


On Fri, 20 Oct 2000, Jon McClintock wrote:

> I live in El Cerrito, and I have DSL through PacBell. Have you called them
> to see if you can get DSL?

A few months ago I called to get DSL through PacBell. After three months,
they finally showed up, installed the service, and just couldn't make it
work. They left the equipment here, and for the following two weeks the
service was always off. Their software was terrible, and kept crashing the
machines. Finally after two weeks, I called them to come take it out. It
worked once for two hours, and that was the end of it. It took them
another two weeks to come and take it away. And that was after I
threatened that if they didn't come to take the equipment by that time, I
would take it out of the machine myself and leave it on the street for

Since then, everytime I call another ISP, I'm told that the ports through
PacBell are not available for a while, and that I would have to wait for
another 4-7 weeks.

> > Any suggestions/alternatives?
> If that doesn't work, there's always dialup... Idiom is a good ISP that will
> give you as many IP addresses as you need, and let you setup reverse lookups
> for them.

How's the speed with running a server on a dialup? I'd imagine I'd need to
get a new phone line, and an always on plan from earthlink or somesuch.

> > Oh, and would anyone have any suggestions for cheap used servers around
> > the area so I won't have to build one?
> What kind of servers? Intel, or something like an Alpha?

Whatever is cheapest. I'm trying to do this on a semi budget.



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