[buug] Word resume submissions...

C. Sullivan feedle at feedle.net
Mon Jul 16 10:32:29 PDT 2001

On Thu, 12 Jul 2001, Bill Schoolcraft wrote:

> CS-->Word format.  For "UNIX" jobs.
> Hmm, I'd take that as a blessing as to help give you a preview as
> to the environment you'll be administering to, in my humble
> opinion anyway. That's one way to perpare you for what to expect.

The problem is nowadays that the shortest distance between jobless and
gainful employment is usually through a headhunter or similar third
party.  Rarely (at least, in the last couple of years) do companies even
bother to list tech jobs on their company website or some such, and
typically, they do that on a bi-monthly basis. 

Tech recruiters have never been known for their technical savvyness.  I
had one send me a Perl programmer with "six to ten years of
experience"... in 1996.  When I asked the candidate if he had chatted with
Larry Wall lately, he said "Who's Larry Wall?"

I've been sending resumes to recruiters in html format, and so far, it
hasn't presented an issue.  The one recruiter I gave a load of fluff about
it (some six or so months ago) changed their announcement after I
challenged them on it.  YMMV.


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