[buug] kde2.1

Mark Handley mjh at aciri.org
Mon Jul 16 11:48:46 PDT 2001

> I am having some problems with runnig KDE2.1 on FreeBSD. Sometime it
>freezes. I was going
>to swicth form Linux , but now I am affraid that FreeBSD is not stable
>enough to run applications
>like KDE. I never had problem like this on Debian/Linux.

We've been running KDE 2.0 on FreeBSD since it was first released
(probably about 10 people here run it). I've seen no significant
problems.  I can't speak for KDE 2.1 though - I haven't summoned up
the stamina to upgrade our machines yet, though I will do eventually.

Did you build from source?  I generally try to build from source where
possible, so I know which configuration options are enabled.  Which
Qt/KDE this is a bit of a marathon though...


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