[buug] kde2.1

Mark Handley mjh at aciri.org
Mon Jul 16 13:15:16 PDT 2001

>I bought the Version 4.3 couple of weeks ago,  and it came with KDE2.1.1.
> Maybe I should deinstall it and install KDE2.0?
>Or may be it's bceause I upgaded XFree3.3.6 to XFree86/4.1.0 ? I don't

That's possible - I'm still running 3.3.6 on pretty much everything.

One way to find out if it's kde or X that's locking up is to have your
.xinitrc file only run an xterm.  Then manually start kde from the
xterm.  When the screen freezes, ssh into the machine from another
machine and kill off kde.  If everything comes back to life (and you
can restart kde from the xterm), then its definitely kde that froze.
If the display doesn't unfreeze, then the X server has frozen, and I'd
suspect X as being the culprit.

In any event, I'd be tempted to re-install X 3.3.6 if your hardware
supports it - it's much less work to re-install X than to re-build


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