[buug] re: kde and OpenBSD

Robert Roberts info at gooddoggygrafx.com
Mon Jul 16 14:04:03 PDT 2001

Thanks for the note about KDE2.1
I'm new to OpenBSD, but so far, I really like it.

I got into all this because a few months ago I acquired a server-in-a-box
(gallantry.com). It runs on FreeBSD 3.4 (!) I didn't know squat about Unix
or BSD or anything. Well....one thing has led to another. First, it was
updating Apache to include PHP and MySQL. Then, I decided that
server-in-a-box is limited, so have set about learning what I can in order
to eventually upgrade everything. I picked up an extra pc from
craigslist.org, and it's perfect for experimenting. Right now, am trying to
learn about IPFilter and firewalling, and more about ssh/ssl.

Don't know if KDE is any real benefit because by now I'm so accustomed to
just working from the command line. But the KDE website looked interesting.
Did not want to do X-windows. I also read somewhere that X-windows
introduces additional security hazards. What additional security risks are
presented by KDE, if any?

On another note:
re: meetings
I live in SF. If anyone drives from here to meetings, are you open to
ride-sharing? Would certainly be willing to chip in for gas/bridge, etc.


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