[buug] kde2.1

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Mon Jul 16 22:41:06 PDT 2001

begin karshi.hasanov at utoronto.ca quotation:

> I am having some problems with running KDE2.1 on FreeBSD. Sometime it
> freezes. I was going to switch from Linux , but now I am afraid that
> FreeBSD is not stable enough to run applications like KDE.

1.  FreeBSD is, as a general rule, extremely stable.
2.  Before anyone will be able to help you, you'll have to be a great 
    deal more specific than "It freezes".  Among the problems with that
    is the fact that the meaning of the term "freezes" is unclear -- as
    is the term "it".

Let's start over.  You have a machine loaded with some FreeBSD system 
release, some selection of packages, and possibly some software from the 
ports collection.  (Which FreeBSD branch, by the way?)  You use
some particular pieces of software (which?).  Time passes.  You do
some things.  The computer does some things -- which it would be good
for you to describe, in chronological order.  Eventually, something goes 
wrong:  What exactly, by the way?

You attempt to investigate, at that point.  (What did you _do_ to
investigate?  Were you able to switch to a virtual console?  An open
xterm?  Were you able to telnet or ssh in?  If so, what did "top" and
"ps" show?  Were you able to kill offending processes?  What technique
did you attempt to use, to do so?  If X11 as a whole seemed to be in
trouble, did you try killing X11?  What happened, if you did?  Were you
able to resume control of the system from the console?  Were you able to 
restart X11, etc.?)

You said "problems running KDE".  But KDE is not a single program, but
rather a collection of X11 clients, a CORBA broker, some libs, a
characteristic window manager (kwm), and a gaggle of configuration
files.  So, do you mean that you had some sort of problem running some
specific X11 client furnished in the KDE collection?  Does that problem
replicate if you run _just_ that client and not the thundering herd of
others usually started up without your permission when you use kwm?
Does it replicate if you use a different window manager other than kwm?

Is it possible you're seeing hardware problems?  Are you perhaps trying
to run way too much software with way too little physical RAM?  (What
hardware, anyway?  You didn't even say what chip architecture, how much 
RAM, etc.)

As you can see, getting meaningful answers from on-line help resources
requires that you do some system investigation, and write a coherent 
account of your investigation.  Sorry about that:  It's how the world 

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