[buug] [Off-Topic] Free Software Consortium in search of Consultants and Agents in your area.

Consorcio Software Libre info1 at csl.cc
Thu Dec 5 13:49:38 PST 2002

We would like to invite you to be a founding members of the FSC either as a
Consultant and/or an Agent.


In the main page you will find links to subscribe as consultant and/or agent.

Free Software Consortium is a multinational consortium established to link the
companies and the independent consultants that use and promote Free Software.

One of the bigger obstacles to the development of the Free Software services
market is the fear of the companies to establish contracts with independent
consultants who do not have support of a well known company, corporation or
consortium.  Questioning quality, support, experience and capability to
successfully complete a project are the companies manager's main concerns when
considering the option of migrating their systems to Free Software.

Like you, we know the excellent quality that Free Software offers.
We have complete confidence that Free Software is going to be the platform of
the future.
That is why its so important to work and consolidate together to solve the
problem mentioned above.

Free Software Consortium intends to fill this void joining the best Free
Software companies and consultants at the national and international level.

By joining to Free Software Consortium you or your company will have the
following benefits:

1. Possibility of being hired by other Consortium members.
2. Possibility of hiring other Consortium members.
3. Use of the Consortium image and name with your clients.
4. Use of the Consortium's resources like Publicity Brochures, Business Cards,
Banners for presentations and events, financial presentations, publicity
articles for the press and magazines, support via mailing list and forums with
the Consortium's members, marketing and communication assistance, CD's and
manuals from the Consortium, site and mail hosting (yourarea.fsc.cc) and other
future services.
5. Future representation of the Consortium in your area to share 
legal and marketing resources.

Free Software Consortium will establish a contract with an agent company which
will haveexclusive representation in it's area, in charge of organizing the
consultants in the area.  This agent company will provide the administrative
services, marketing and sales with the local customers.

 From the business generated by the Free Software Consortium, the management
(or agent) company will receive 20% of the value of the contract, and the
Consultant (or consulting company) will receive 80%.

The Free Software Consortium is developing a new business model and invites 
to join as a founding member and contribute into develop this new business
model.  We need your valuable help to give us ideas and comments. Please write
to info at fsc.cc

Thank you for your attention.

Free Software Consortium
info at fsc.cc

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