[buug] Modules & Bonding

HD billoomal at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 9 17:22:44 PST 2002


I am running RH 7.3 on my box. I recently compiled
kernel 2.4.20 and after a lot of pain (during which I
learnt a lot) I got the thing to work.

Well, when I boot my box now, I see that on booting
all the modules which I created, are loaded. When I
lsmod, I see that nearly 50% of them are unused, and
most of them have an autoclean flag. Surprisingly,
these unused modules seem to persist.After an hour,
after a day.

So I have three questions:
1. Why doesn't autoclean do what it is supposed to?
2. Why are unnecessary modules being loaded on boot?
Is it a part of rc.sysinit, or am I missing something.

3. What should I do to ensure that unnecessary modules
don't load on boot?

Thanks a lot!!


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