[buug] Modules & Bonding

Ian Zimmerman itz at speakeasy.org
Tue Dec 10 09:36:43 PST 2002

HD> Hi, I am running RH 7.3 on my box. I recently compiled kernel
HD> 2.4.20 and after a lot of pain (during which I learnt a lot) I got
HD> the thing to work.

HD> Well, when I boot my box now, I see that on booting all the
HD> modules which I created, are loaded. When I lsmod, I see that
HD> nearly 50% of them are unused, and most of them have an autoclean
HD> flag. Surprisingly, these unused modules seem to persist.After an
HD> hour, after a day.

HD> So I have three questions: 1. Why doesn't autoclean do what it is
HD> supposed to?  

As you may or may not know, kerneld went away recently (in 2.2 I
think).  Even if you have it running, it does nothing.  The only way
to unload modules is with a cronjob like this:

1-59/2 * * * *  root    /sbin/rmmod -a

I am a Debian person, so I don't know if RH has such a cronjob on by
default.  If yes, there's something wrong with it.  If no, you have to
add one yourself.

HD> 2. Why are unnecessary modules being loaded on boot?

HD> 3. What should I do to ensure that unnecessary modules don't load
HD> on boot?

Again, a RH user should answer this; on Debian, the initscript
/etc/init.d/modutils loads all modules listed in /etc/modules permanently.

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