[buug] Test message, apologies...

Jerry Asher jerry-sourceforge at theashergroup.com
Tue Dec 10 00:17:56 PST 2002

f.johan.beisser wrote:

> qmail's attempting to use TLS. but it can't find a certificate to use. so,
> it's simply dropping the email to that host.

That's certainly what it looks like.  Now I have never told qmail to use 
only TLS, and I haven't told it to prefer TLS, but I can imagine it 
being coded to do so.  Can you tell me what it might be about weak.org, 
or between any two MTAs that might cause my installation of qmail to try 
a TLS connection between the two sites?

I mean, I'm suspecting it's something in the initial protocol 
negotiation, and if I can get a handle on that, then I can test that 
against my version of qmail.



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