[buug] Whats a good MTA?

Nick Moffitt nick at zork.net
Tue Dec 10 23:50:52 PST 2002

begin  Matt Bockman  quotation:
>    I'm trying to find a good mail transfer agent. I know my qmail
>    works wonders and all, but I'm just trying to figure out, cuz...
>    I want to have a webmail type thing on my website, one that I can
>    customize and stuff.  But I gotta have a good MTA that will work
>    with that. Anyone know any good combinations?

	You're in luck, as most Webmail suites nowadays use IMAP as
the means of connecting to your MTA.  Thus, if qmail has an IMAP
server that will talk to the outside world in the way the world
expects, you should be able to set up IMP or Squirrelmail or any other
of the myriad Web mail suites out there.

	You don't even need to make the IMAP server visible to the
outside world--only the machine running squirrelmail (et al) needs to
be able to connect via IMAP.  Often you'll be using the same machine
for both, so a localhost-only IMAP server is your best bet.  

A: No.
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