[buug] Whats a good MTA?

Nick Moffitt nick at zork.net
Wed Dec 11 00:01:04 PST 2002

begin  Matt Bockman  quotation:
> so.. dunno. I gots to learn to install apache on my FreeBSD server,

	"Just use ports!"

> and I still don't know what to use for a MTA...what's a VERY easy
> one to use with Squirrelmail...  easy to use mail server? I also
> want it to depend on my accounts...  I dunno. I kinda wanna have it
> where I can have a user, then I can select if he/she gets mail, web
> storage, and/or shell access. I don't know again.

	Well, it sounds like you have several needs here.  What you
really need to think about is not your MTA, but your IMAP server.
It's true that some IMAP servers depend on features of your MTA (for
example, not all of them play nicely with qmail's "maildir" format for
mailboxes), but for the most part they're interchangeable.

	As for mail/web/shell, you'll mostly manage that yourself by
setting a user's shell to /bin/false or somesuch thing to deny shell
access.  I'm not sure how you'd grant web publishing abilities without
either setting up some sort of content management system (there are
several), or granting shell access.

A: No.
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