[buug] Locked out of a Solaris 7 system

f.johan.beisser jan at caustic.org
Fri Dec 20 23:08:59 PST 2002

On Fri, 20 Dec 2002, Nick Jennings wrote:

>  I finally got my hands on a SparcStation10 running Solaris 7.
>  However I did not get the root password, so I'm locked out. Any
>  ways I can get in? (I'd like to avoid a re-install for now).

you'll need a sparc bootable cdrom (512K blocks, vs 2048), and media cds.

hit stop-A (send a break signal if on the serial console) to get the OK

boot cdrom -s

that *should* boot the kernel in single user mode, bypassing the root
password that's stored in the prom.

the other method that may work is pulling the NVRAM chip, and booting
without it. the problem with doing this is that the machine will forget
who the hell it is, and it won't clear the prom passwd.

>  I have a floppy drive in the system, no cdrom, and am using a
>  serial console to control it.

see above.

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