[buug] Locked out of a Solaris 7 system

Nick Jennings nkj at namodn.com
Sat Dec 21 00:50:33 PST 2002

That's what I was afraid of... well short from getting a cdrom
(which is unlikely) i guess I i'll have to look into netbooting
for a net install.

On Fri, Dec 20, 2002 at 11:08:59PM -0800, f.johan.beisser wrote:
> On Fri, 20 Dec 2002, Nick Jennings wrote:
> >  I finally got my hands on a SparcStation10 running Solaris 7.
> >  However I did not get the root password, so I'm locked out. Any
> >  ways I can get in? (I'd like to avoid a re-install for now).
> you'll need a sparc bootable cdrom (512K blocks, vs 2048), and media cds.
> hit stop-A (send a break signal if on the serial console) to get the OK
> prompt.
> boot cdrom -s
> that *should* boot the kernel in single user mode, bypassing the root
> password that's stored in the prom.
> the other method that may work is pulling the NVRAM chip, and booting
> without it. the problem with doing this is that the machine will forget
> who the hell it is, and it won't clear the prom passwd.
> >  I have a floppy drive in the system, no cdrom, and am using a
> >  serial console to control it.
> see above.
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