[buug] Re: Re: Re: Woody is out!

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Tue Jul 23 18:30:54 PDT 2002

Quoting Jerry Cheung (jrcow97 at yahoo.com):
> His connection isn't very good, and it often drops him
> :(

Hmm.  Unless he can temporarily visit (with his machine) some place with
good connectivity, that doesn't sound promising.

Doing a big bunch of "apt-get" procedures is more bandwidth-thrifty than
pulling down CD images, but still can be a significant amount of bytes.

> Is it doable to directly upgrade from slink to woody? 

Yes, but....

It's such a big jump that there might be at least temporary problems
during the upgrade.  He might end up having to do some steps twice,
because things didn't happen in the right order the first time.

It's the sort of stunt that _expert_ Debian users do occasionally just
for kicks, and then report back to the debian-devel mailing list: "Hey
gang!  I went directly from Debian 2.0/hamm to woody.  Here's the stuff
that went haywire, and the couple of slightly goofy things I did to

For an expert, that's fun.  For a newcomer, it might be doubleplus

If he wants to try that, by all means have him do the "apt-get install
perl libc6 dpkg apt apt-utils debconf" immediately after "apt-get
update" and before "apt-get dist-upgrade" to acquire _first_ the really
crucial 3.0/woody packages.

> rsync only updates the packages file, right?  One would continue by
> using apt-get install some_file.deb?

Umm... when I say "stay in sync", I'm not talking about rsync.  It's
possible to use rsync as a transport protocol for apt-get, but it's not
usually done.  Most Debian mirrors deliver packages over http or ftp.

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