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Bob Read unixjavabob at yahoo.com
Fri Jun 7 09:56:13 PDT 2002

--- Brian Sobolak <sobolak at myrealbox.com> wrote:

> I'm seeking
> some ideas for finding a decent IDE

In general (as you alluded to), it's best to avoid the
big, clunky IDEs.  In the end, a thorough
understanding of the JDK and a text editor will help
you code more efficiently.

Have you tried GVim or VisualSlickEdit?  Both would
meet your needs.

I also recommend installing a copy of TogetherJ if you
have a CD lying around...not for coding, but for
generating class diagrams, sequence diagrams, and the

As for Emacs regexp blowing up on 24,000 lines of
code, maybe you should download a different (newer?)
version of Xemacs.

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