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Nick Sophinos nickmdf at tsoft.com
Sun May 5 11:09:23 PDT 2002

Hello Luis,

As a person who has done what you want to do with Apache, my suggestion is
first be decent at using Linux.  "Running Linux" by O'Reilly is a good book
help.  This book also contains basic networking info too.  apache.org has
documentation for installing and configuring apache.  On good book that I
still refer
to regarding Apache is "Adminsitering Apache" published by McGraw-Hill.  It
contains some
good bash scripts for various deployment scenarios.

- Nick

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Hello all,

    I totally forgot that I was part of this group until know. Well I have a
simple question.

I'm running redhat 7.2 at home on a P4 1gig of memory.

I would like to host my own web site with a user name and password. Where
would I find information regarding how to set it up. I'm a newbie so a
simple one would help me or something that I could understand

Thank you


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