[buug] [CalLUG-announce] Apache Server

Will Sargent will_sargent at yahoo.com
Sun May 5 14:43:40 PDT 2002

> I'm running redhat 7.2 at home on a P4 1gig of memory.
> I would like to host my own web site with a user name and password. Where
> would I find information regarding how to set it up. I'm a newbie so a
> simple one would help me or something that I could understand

If you install Apache, I recommend you try the tutorial:


There are some authentication modules which can help you out once you get it


Note that as soon as you install Apache and open a port up on your system,
you're going to be subject to all manner of attacks.  I've been up five days
with a raw IP address and no visibility and I get portscanned with random
crack scripts daily.


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