[buug] [CalLUG-announce] Apache Server

Will Sargent will_sargent at yahoo.com
Sun May 5 22:55:06 PDT 2002

> I installed portsentry on my linux box (rh7.2)  2 days ago. I have to say
> that you were right about the portscanning.
> I had about 50 scans one night.
> Thank you once again. What do you think I should learn next ? if you don't
> mind me asking.

I think a thorough understanding of security should be required for anyone
wanting to learn Unix skills; there really isn't that much to setting up a
firewall (there are only two kinds; IP filter and application level), but
there's all kinds of stuff you can do to keep track of your system and
ensure that if it is hacked, at least you know about it.  Much of the
security monitoring equipment will also tell you about the mechanics of the
system; what are the weak points, how inetd works, why the whole idea of
root isn't always a good one... that kind of thing.  I'm still learning
myself, but it's a good confidence building activity.


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