[buug] Are there any commercial Unix users in this group?

Bob Read unixjavabob at yahoo.com
Fri May 24 10:47:18 PDT 2002

No offence intended, Aaron...I made some hasty
generalizations that I hoped would provoke some
interesting dialogue.  I'm glad you replied!  Any OS
that supports 256 serial interfaces deserves some

SGI is also known to be on the cutting edge of
developing unique or one-of-a-kind systems, ie
hardware innovations (copper chips) and specialized

For example, SGI ran an NMR machine I used in college.

But the graphic capabilities of SGI certainly do blow
the competitors out of the water...as I believe all
the animation studios use it, as did all the designers
at my last company, Nintendo...in fact, the game cube
motherboard/cpu was designed by SGI.

Keep the thread alive!

--- Aaron T Porter <atporter at primate.net> wrote:
> On Fri, May 24, 2002 at 10:29:25AM -0700, Bob Read
> wrote:
> > IRIX--graphics, graphics, graphics
> 	That's a huge disservice to SGI/Irix. Keep in mind
> that SGI makes
> some simply *huge* systems -- some of the fastest
> number crunchers out there.
> One application I built on Irix had to have 256
> serial ports (talk about a
> nightmare).
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