[buug] Newbie help installing FBSD

Patrick Soltani PSoltani at iitcorporation.com
Wed Dec 10 15:23:05 PST 2003

Hi john,
I assume you have installed XFree86 software during the CD install.  Are you running xf86config to configure or using /stand/sysinstall? BTW, don't know if you are using 4.x or 5.x version, they work slightly differently.

Do you have a serial mouse, USB or PS/2 type mouse?
Not knowing anything about your system, my suggestion is to disable moused in your /etc/rc.conf file like so:

you can reboot or just kill the moused.

Then copy the following lines into the file .xinitrc 
exec startkde

So one line that says "exec startkde" and the file name is .xinitrc which resides in the home directory of the person you are going to run kde.

Mine looks like this:
psoltani at fwnat:/home/psoltani $more .xinitrc 
exec startkde
psoltani at fwnat:/home/psoltani $

This usually works and your mouse should work if it is not one of those new dan-fangled one. 

Post what you get here and I am sure we'll be able to help you fix this ;-).

Patrick Soltani

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> Please I'm trying to install Fre BSD for the first time . 
> Everything went 
> fine ( I think ) Until I tryed to start the Xserver or 
> configure it. I have 
> run the configuration so many times that I am going crazy I 
> don't know what 
> to do now.The problem I have is that when I try to start the 
> X server(GUI) 
> (all of them) but I'm going to refer to KDE because it is my 
> favorite. KDE 
> start loading it looks like it loads ok but as soon I move the mouse 
> everything goes crazy and I lose control of everything.
> And I can't go pass that. I'm stuck there.
> Please some one help
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