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Patrick Soltani PSoltani at iitcorporation.com
Mon Dec 15 11:19:24 PST 2003

Hi john,

Ok, you have 2 video cards one built in the other maybe PCI or AGP. In any event, your best course of trouble shooting is to disable the builtin video card via BIOS.  If the machine is booting and showing you the screen after disabling the builtin video, then we can do the following:
- edit the /etc/rc.conf file, by issuing "vi /etc/rc.conf".  No quotes tho, and add the following 2 lines:


if you are not familiar with navigating vi, then do the following at the bash or sh prompt:

echo 'moused_enable="NO"' >> /etc/rc.conf
echo 'moused_type="NO"' >> /etc/rc.conf

which will append 2 lines to your /etc/rc.conf file.  The purpose is to disable your moused from starting up and see if the xfree can use it's own driver and mouse support.

Reboot the machine to do the following command as root:
ps -waxu | grep -i moused

If no moused process running then start KDE.
I assume you already have a file in your home directory called .xinitrc and the content of the file should be:
"exec startkde" with no quote.

Again you can create the file like this:
echo 'exec startkde' > /home/psoltani/.xinitrc

Replace the /home/psoltani/ with the name of the user you are trying to run the kde on.

lastly, here is my setting for the mouse:

Section "InputDevice"
# Identifier and driver

    Identifier  "Mouse1"
    Driver      "mouse"
    Option      "Protocol"     "Auto"
    Option      "Device"       "/dev/psm0"   
    Option      "Buttons"      "5"
    Option      "ZAxisMapping" "4 5"

I have an Intellimouse, optical Microsoft mouse and works great with wheel scrolling , etc.
The file you need to compare the above with is  /etc/XF86Config.  
In your  /etc/XF86Config you must have some setting like the above.

Patrick Soltani.

> Free BSD 5.1
> Install with CD's (sysinstall)
> Installed Xf86 with sysinstall( I installed everything that refer to 
> X11-(XF86),server client,everything
> Installed all Windows Managers (prefer KDE )
> Mouse sp/2 Generic (wheel)
> Keyboard  Generic
> Video card ( 2 )  1- Integreded in Motherboard (Intel 815)
>                      2- PNY-Verto-vanta-16MB sdram (nvidia vanta)
> In the grafic sysinstall configuration of the Xserver I 
> removed the Intel 
> card,and also removed the second monitor , yes it shows two 
> video cards and 
> two monitors . The monitors have a red check mark on them 
> like if something 
> is wrong with the monitos.
> With the configuration of the video  card . like I said I 
> revoded Intel card 
> and the monitor that shows conected to it. And I use the 
> nvidia with the 
> envidia drver that loads automaticaly . But doesn't work. I 
> use the vesa 
> driver too  but it doesn't work ( I mean KDE loads OK but 
> when I move the 
> mouse .the pointer desapair or actually it goes to the upper 
> right corner of 
> the screen
> but when I move the mouse againg ,windows appear and 
> desappear all cryzy and 
> I have to press Alt-Ctrl-Backspace to get out of KDE.
> I also removed the mouse demon (I think it is-demon)With no 
> mouse KDE loads 
> the same way And I can close all the windows that load up 
> .but after I 
> closed all the windows I get stuck I don't know what to do . 
> I need the 
> mouse to get around in KDE.
> Patrick, you told me to use a shell command , but I don't 
> know anythig about 
> that ( I want to learn)
> but I tryed I did: # cd  /etc/rc.cof           command not found
> I did    # cd  /etc                         OK
> I did    # ls                                  a bunch of 
> files shwed up but 
> not rc.conf
> Ok guys I hope this info will give you a better idea of my 
> problem . And 
> hopefully you will help me to fix it.
> Thanks
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