[buug] The BUUG mailing list is back online!

Bill Honeycutt wfhoney at pacbell.net
Mon Feb 3 15:03:00 PST 2003

Yes, I feel more connected now!!!

Thanks for getting us back up, Jon.

Jon McClintock wrote:
> Hey folks,
> If you hadn't noticed, the BUUG mailing list has been out of commission
> for the past couple of weeks. The hard drive that contained /var and
> /home on weak.org died mid-January, a week after the tape drive the
> backups were stored on died.
> Anyways, it's taken me this long to get a new server setup, and acquire
> a replacement tape drive with which I could pull data off the tapes. The 
> most recent working backups were from mid-December, so things may be a
> little off, but in general should be ok.
> The new weak.org should be much more reliable; it's setup with RAID-1
> mirroring, and uses a much more common tape backup system...
> -Jon
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