[buug] Intresting problem with FREEBSD and Sendmail

Romero, Manuel ManuelR at GMHC.org
Wed Jul 2 10:15:53 PDT 2003

Hello I was wondering if anyone can help me. I am new the FreeBSD world. I
work for a non-for profit, and we have the following configuration


FreeBSD 3.3-19991117-STABLE

 We are using FreeBSD as a firewall /Proxy/email relay/Internal DNS server.
We currently use Microsoft Exchange server 5.5 as our email server.  My
problem is the following I am trying to install a new email server with a
different IP address. 

When I check the /etc/mail/mailertable.txt it is currently pointing to a non
existent server IP address.

However we are getting mail to our current exchange server that as a totally
different IP address that what is referenced in the mailtable.txt file.

How is this possible? Can anyone give me any ideas as to where I can find
the correct reference to our email server?



A million thanks in advance!





Manuel A. Romero

(Tel)  212-367-1490

(Fax) 212-367-1546

manuelr at gmhc.org <mailto:manuelr at gmhc.org> 


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