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Bob Read unixjavabob at yahoo.com
Thu May 1 15:17:45 PDT 2003

> 	My perl code is rarely (if ever) described as
> efficient :)

Speaking of efficiency, I have blueprints for a very
efficient toaster-powered spacecraft/rocket:

The engines derive their energy from a rack of
toasters.  The idea here is that as long as those
toasters are making toast, the engines keep running.

And since everyone knows that toast is edible, the
spacecraft needs to carry only a fraction of the mass
of foodstuffs of a normal rocket, thus reducing the
mass of fuel required.  When you sit down and do the
math, the total mass of the spacecraft is asymptotic
to zero as you increase the number of toasters.

Aaron, you might want to pitch this to your pals at
the DOE.  It's got "bling bling" written all over it.

Bob R.

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