[buug] FreeBSD Linux Compatibility problem

Erick Smith desertfox at cableaz.com
Thu May 8 17:25:27 PDT 2003

I have a Linux app that's in RPM format that I'd like to install and run using 
FreeBSD's compatability layer.

I'm running into a couple of problems though.

First, the RPM won't unpack unless I turn dependencies and the OS check off.

After the RPM is unpacked, the installation script runs fine.

When I try to run the app though, it checks the OS type and finds FreeBSD 
instead of Linux and refuses to run.  I tried to hack a symlink into the 
Linux file tree so that the app would see Linux when it does it's OS check, 
but then it can't find all the necc. libraries.

What I'd like to know is if there's a way to tell the installed app to use the 
Linux compatability layer, i.e. is there a way to designate an app as a Linux 
app not a FreeBSD app?

Alternatively is there a way I can unpack and install the app that preserves 
the Linux flag so the app automatically knows it's Linux not FreeBSD?

Thanks for any insight.  I have gotten other Linux apps to work under FreeBSD, 
but not from RPM's.  I'm running FreeBSD-5.1-CURRENT



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