[buug] Redhat 9 comatose problem

Bill Honeycutt wfhoney at pacbell.net
Mon Oct 20 16:28:03 PDT 2003

John is right, though...if you can still ssh into the machine, or if you 
can ctl+alt+backspace out of X, then you haven't hung the machine.

Missing programs could cause problems, though I don't think it would 
crash the server.  I usually limit my workstation to a single screen 
saver which I know works.  You could just blank the screen and save a 
lot of fuss.

Skip Evans wrote:

> Bill Honeycutt wrote:
>> Okay, one last ace in the hole...is the machine trying to access a 
>> screen saver that is not present?  I've seen other versions of RH 
>> fail to handle this gracefully.
> Interesting... not sure. It typically does find the screen savers, 
> it's got
> bunches of different ones. I guess I can look into that. Do you know
> where they are kept? Perhaps it has a list of them and because one
> or a few are missing it craps out?
> Skip

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