[buug] software system needed

Brian Sobolak brian at planetshwoop.com
Fri Aug 27 14:01:34 PDT 2004

johnd said:
> I am trying to put together a system where many independent contractors of
> a certain type can be part of.  If I need to find someone in a certain
> area
> to help me I could search for someone based on location and see their
> resumes and possible some kind of rating.
> Also, I could have some forums where people could help each other out
> answer quests etc...something searchable.
> I am considering the following:
> 1. plone
> 2. phpnuke
> 3. postnuke
> 4. making my own (probably with java/jsp/servlets)
> any opinions?

I don't know the full extent of what you're trying to do, but
php-groupware might be an option too.  They have a lot of tools for
allowing people to collaborate on projects.


Brian Sobolak

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