[buug] SBC Selling Call history

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Mon Feb 9 17:06:01 PST 2004

Quoting Aaron T Porter (atporter at primate.net):

> 	At the last meeting a spam discussion wandered onto the fact that
> SBC sells customer calling history. As mentioned, here's a page with some
> background info and an URL where you can opt-out.
> 	http://www.debris.com/journal/557

The URL is defunct, so what remains is the SBC customer service number,
which for California SBC residential customers is 800-310-2335.  You
_might_ still be able to use the automated voice-response system
mentioned in some articles, at 800-397-1887.  Otherwise, go with the
first number and expect to wait in a queue, take out a customer service
ticket, etc.

The magic phrases are "opt-out" and "Customer Proprietary Network
Information (CPNI).  You'll be wanting to opt out of granting SBC
permission to give your CPNI to affiliated third parties.  The law
allows them to send you an obscure slip of paper informing you that
you're giving them permission unless you write or call them to say no --
and, if you're an SBC/PacBell customer, odds are very long that you
received such a slip in your bill long ago, and never noticed.

Why?  Because of what CPNI means, and what "affiliated" means.

o  Your CPNI includes your calling and billing records, among many
   other things, i.e., exactly whom you've called and when.
o  "Affiliated" means basically anything SBC wants it to.  If a 
   telemarketer pays SBC to buy customer records, that makes them

Surprised at how large a percentage of telemarketers seem to know when
you're home?  Wonder no longer.

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