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Tim Mansfield tim at smallschools.org
Wed Jun 9 10:48:06 PDT 2004


I am going to be the technology teacher at Beacon School, a small, personalized, progressive school in Oakland.  

It's not a public school, but it's not just a bunch of rich kids; the school founder Thelma Farley makes a real effort to get a truly diverse bunch of kids in there (many on scholarship).

So, there's a computer lab there with its own DSL line and fixed IP address.   The lab contains 10 iMacs, 9 relatively new Dell PC's, and 1 larger generic PC being used as a file server (it's running Windows 2000 Server).  

The school wants to shunt the iMacs off to the side as a multimedia lab, and get 10 more PC's to replace them so the lab (i.e., the client OS's the kids are learning and using) are unified.  

They don't have much money, so are looking for creative ways to accomplish this.

Assuming we can get the necessary number of PC's (10 more), I'm willing to consider converting the whole lab to Linux, clients and server(s).  Even if we don't convert everything, I'd like to add a web server running Linux to the mix.  I have an extra PC I'll donate for this purpose.

If anyone in the group has suggestions or help to offer, please let me know.  

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