[buug] (buug) Network rebuild

f.johan.beisser jan at caustic.org
Sat May 15 09:57:36 PDT 2004

On Sat, 15 May 2004, John Albrecht wrote:

>   I currently have a Win2K server that handles my name,dns, and dhcp.
> Also am running a Win2K Pro workstation along with (currently) 4 freeBSD
> boxes that are running seti at home. There are several more freeBSD boxes
> that are not running at the moment because of a office remodel.

first, install FreeBSD on the machine you'll be wanting to handle
services. next, add the isc-dhcpd package. it'll need to be configured,
which can be a pain to do.

make sure one machine has two network cards. this is going to be your
firewall. ensure you activate bridging between the two interfaces (read
the freebsd handbook for how). on one network interface you'll have the
DSL modem, on the other you'll have the hub/switch. this is your firewall.
read how to configure it in the freebsd handbook.

take one internal machine, configure BIND and ISC-DHCPd on it. this will
handle your internal DNS and dhcp services. again, read about how to
configure it in the freebsd handbook.

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