[buug] to/from Excel, databases, etc.

Michael Paoli mp at rawbw.com
Fri May 21 06:42:33 PDT 2004

Question came up at the BUUG meeting yesterday about getting data loaded
into and extracted from Excel.

Anyway, what I used to do once upon a time, for both some Excel and
database stuff, was roughly something like this:
        import/export to/from Excel or database using quote (")
surrounded comma separated format (in some/many cases it was necessary
to not have numeric data quoted).
        for processing the data in UNIX, convert the field
separator/delimiters to a single tab each, and convert end of record to
a single newline each (then process as desired in UNIX with awk, sed,

Along those lines, the "attached" file archive contains a few utilities
I wrote that I'd typically use to aid in some of these functions.  The
scripts are likely still relatively useful.  I'm not sure how
useful/complete the C program is (the permissions I left on it make me
think it may not have been completed or otherwise suitable for more
general distribution).
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